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MAOQY is a card game, you can play on different levels.

At the first level, it is a simple game that you play with your corresponding rules like any other normal card game. However, there is the peculiarity that there is no winner and no losers. All players only reach the goal through cooperation and it does not matter who is at the finish first.

In the second level you start the game with a question. The player can keep this secret, or make it public. During the game, it is now closely observed which cards you can get and lay. You use these layers like an oracle and get your question gradually answered in the further course.

If you play the third level, you connect the game before the start with an intention. All cards resist a certain energy from the universe. You can now place the cards with the intention of giving certain energies to the universe in order to fulfill its intent. The game becomes a kind of magical ritual and communication with the cosmos or other higher powers.

There is still a fourth level. However, this is reserved for Keysha, because at this level you play with your Garmaran and therefore must have already made a connection to it.

You can also use the cards here to put them online. Click on the layers and it can start immediately.

I would like to have the cards printed so that you really have something physical in my hand. If you like, you can order such a card set here later. But we are still in the development phase.

Maoqy really has it all when you started once. And be careful! Addiction risk!

I wish everyone a lot of fun with it. May you be happy at all times.